The Mediterranean diet (Mediterranean Diet) of recommendations food quite modern, currently considered to be one of the most health fever in the world are all studies to discuss and confirm its benefits, and named this name because key aspects of this diet include eating large amounts of olive oil, cereals, fruits, vegetables, in addition to the consumption of large quantities of fish and other recommendations. But olive oil is considered a cornerstone in the feeding areas and around the Mediterranean, hence the name.


New study published in the British magazine for cancer (British Journal of cancer) says that a group of foods rich with antioxidants and fiber, and chemicals plant unsaturated fatty acids that can have a positive impact against the most common cancer in the female genital, where researchers have suggested that the commitment to try harder the Mediterranean, which is rich in these articles could reduce the risk of cancer in women Endometriosis more than half.

The researchers evaluate the commitment of women to try harder the Mediterranean ​ ​by dividing the Diet to nine different elements and measurement of women consume, these elements are:

  • The large quantities of vegetables
  • eating large amounts of fruits, nuts,
  • dealing with large quantities of pulses
  • with large quantities of cereals and potatoes
  • eat large quantities of fish
  • handling large quantities of unsaturated fats compared with unilateral fatty acids saturated
  • moderation in alcohol or not dealt with
  • a low rate of eating the meat
  • a low proportion of dairy products.

Researchers found that women whose Mediterranean diet ​ ​closely and consume regularly between seven to nine of these components reduced the risk of cancer Endometriosis women by 57 %. either ate six of diet was reduced by 46% and women who ate five elements have been reducing the danger of by 34 %.

But women who ate less than five of the components of the Mediterranean diet ​ ​did not less than their risk of cancer Endometriosis in any form.


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